Tarot & Angel Readings

Tarot & Angel Readings are a great way to find guidence or confirmation when you feel you have reached a cross roads in any given situation. You can simply ask a question or find out what the universe or angels want you to know today. Your reading will be done by a reader who is trained and certified by Doreen Virture and Radleigh Valentine


What is the difference in a Tarot reading and and Angel card reading?

This is a question I am often asked, the best way I can explain is that the Tarot readings are very much about your life in a day to day way, what is going on for you in your life and what the possible outcomes might be.

The Angel/Oracle readings are much gentler in their delivery of messages and are more about what is going on for you on an emotional or personality basis.




Angel Tarot

These cards are a wonderful way to gain guidence from both the tarot and the angelic realm. If you find Tarot too harsh or even scary but want the insight given by them, then this is the reading for you.



Angel tarot options



ArchAngel Reading


This can be done either in person or by email also. The ArchAngels are generally known as the directors of the angelic realm and each one has their own job to do. They can gentle nudge you in the right direction or do something huge to open your eyes.



Healing with the Fairies

Fairies love to help you and to have fun, Always revealing a lighthearted yet still accurate reading.



Healing with the Angels

Sometimes we face things in life and wonder how we are going to get through these times? With these wonderful angel cards you can become closer to your angels and ask for their help in healing


healing with angels


Simple 3 card Reading..

This is good for a simple straightforward answer

 One card answers.

This is great for a direct answer or simple direction yes or no


Look 1 year into your future....

This reading will look at specifically the next 12 months and give you some insight to what is happening with events or issues currently taking place and what their outcomes might be



6 month reading

This reading gives insight to how the things happening directly in your life today and in the RECENT past will come to fruition in the next 6 months. A great reading for a specific issue.



 And just incase you can't decide which reading to have you can combine the oracle cards, just add a note when paying and let me know which cards you would like to have read from.


 Reading in person, combo

Combo reading

Reading by email, combo 

Combo reading

we are legally obliged to say that all readings are for entertainment purposes only and only availbale to over 18's

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