What is a spell?

Some people think a spell is like a childs nursery rhyme, in fact it is the words that focus the thing you want at that time. The words themselves are not always of the most importance but the power and focus behind them are what help the universe to know and provide the things you want after casting a spell.

Can anyone cast a spell?

YES!!! as long as your intention and focus are clear and are NOT harmful to any other person or yourself then yes you can cast a spell.

Can you cast a spell for someone else?

No, we all have free will and what you think is best for someone may not be best for them so therefore the universe will not accept a request for another person. 

What happens next?

Simply click on the "buy it now" button of any spell you want to buy and the spell will be sent direct to your email address within 48 hours. If you would like a spell for soemthing you do not see here please use the contact form and I will endevour to send you a relevent spell for the same price as any you see here.

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