Do you ever hear your name being called but there is noone else around? 

Have you noticed small items in your home or office are slightly out of place? 

Are you aware of a strange smell that is also somewhat comforting? 

Do you talk to yourself and get answers?


If you answer yes to any of these then this is the course for you.


Covered in this course: 


Find out who is calling your name and how to connect to them.

Become aware of all the signs spirit will use to attract your attention.

Learn how to protect yourself while working with the spirit world.

Understanding how and where mediumship began. 

Ethics and laws of mediumship.

Are guides, angels and spirit the same thing? 

How to hold a spirit link



There will be a series of lessons each requiring a short test or essay at the end and 3 case   studies to complete.


Investment £60                                                                                      

Email...        tel. 07783180177