Colour Healing


Colour Therapy

Colour is all around us, both in the physical world which we can see and the etheral world which many of us do not see. 



Course Content: 


This course will take you on a journey to discover which colours are best for you. 

You will learn how to use colour to make yourself and others feel good or for emotional or mental healing.  We will show you many ways to incorporate this into your every day life and also when to make a change in the colour around you. 

You will look at both the physical and the etheral colour as well as other ways in which colour has been used to influence us across history and therefore how it may be used in the future. 

We will also take a ourney through the colours and meanings of the aura. 

This is a very exciting course or personal and professional development.


To complete this diploma you will have a series of lessons each ending in a short test or essay. There will also be 2 case studies. 


 Investment £60 

Email...        tel. 07783180177