Chakra 1 & 2

     Chakra Healing Diploma

This course will take you through each Chakra individually. 


Course content:


Together we will look at each of the 7 basic Chakras, what it does and why. 

Which crystals, sounds and colours are connected to each Chakra.

How to clean and protect each Chakra.

How to heal the Chakras. 

How to meditate with each Chakra.



This diploma requires you to complete a series of lessons and short tests or essays and 2 self study case studies. 

Investment £80


Advanced Chakra Diploma



Most people who are working with chakras work with the 7 basic ones but in this course we will consider and learn about all 12 of the advanced chakras. This can bring amazing results both personally and for use in healing work. 


Pre Requisite: Chakra Diploma. (please contact us if you hold a similar certification from another establishment to be considered for this course) 


Course Content: 

We will look at each of the 12 chakras, 

What each does

Which angel and crystal is attuned to each one
How to open, close and cleanse each one safely

How to use in both personal and professional settings



You will have a series of lessons to complete a short test or essay on each and 3 case studies. 


Investment £80




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