Archangel Healing

       Archangel Healing 


Aware that angels are all around you? 

Do you notice little signs from them? 

Can you "feel" angels? 


Course content


Recognising when your angels are near. 

Meeting and working with the 7 main archangels of healing

Archangel Michael – Protection, Courage/Strength, Truth  
Archangel Raphael – Healing, Mind And Spirit 
Archangel Chamuel – Unconditional Love 
Archangel Gabriel – Guidance, Vision And Inspiration  
Archangel Jophiel – Awakening And Wisdom, Joy And Illumination   
Archangel Uriel – Peace/Tranquillity, Service And Devotion   
Archangel Zadkiel – Tolerance, Forgiveness  

How can angels help us and why they do not some times

Faith and angels

How to conduct a session

Meditating with angels


you will be required to complete a series of lessons and short tests or essays and 2 case studies


Investment £70

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